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Електронні книги від SONY

Найпопулярніший виробник електронних книг - SONY

The Sony Reader is an e-Reader. It uses an electronic paper display developed by E Ink Corporation that has 166 dpi (200 dpi in 5 inch version PRS-300) resolution, eight levels of grayscale (16 in the PRS-2121 model), is viewable in direct sunlight, requires no power to maintain a static image, and is usable in portrait or landscape orientation. The reader uses an iTunes Store-like interface to purchase books from Sony Connect eBook store. It also can display Adobe PDFs, ePub format, personal documents, blogs, RSS newsfeeds, JPEGs, and Sony's proprietary BBeB ("BroadBand eBook") format. The Reader can play MP3 and unencrypted AAC audio files.

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